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                TSP Towers
                As a pioneer in manufacturing wind towers in China, TSP delivered the first two sets of 550KW wind towers to Nordtank for Zhejiang Hedingshan Wind Farm in 1995. After 15 years of manufacturing wind towers exclusively, TSP has developed TSP-engineered technologies and robust quality control systems. Today, TSP is well recognized as the industry leader and No. 1 wind tower maker in China, not only because of its unmatched quality, but also because of its services & customer support. At TSP, we employ TSP-engineered technologies and quality control systems, as well as a comprehensive project-oriented manufacturing system to ensure that we deliver the highest quality wind towers to customers worldwide at the right time in the right location.

                TSP has manufactured and delivered more than 2,000 (as of August 2009) sets of high quality wind towers to support all kinds of turbines, from 100KW to 3MW, manufactured by major turbine producers including Vestas, Gamesa, Suzlon, GE, Repower, Goldwind, and Nordex, among others.